Heartfelt Thanks to RR Smith Members

By September 4, 2021Reports and Updates

This June new retirees join the BCRTA and we strongly encourage them to join the R.R. Smith Memorial Foundation Fund.  The membership is a toonie each year, but what do you get for your toonie? The impact is immense, with combined effect of all retired teachers, it means that literacy projects in BC and abroad can transform lives!

Thanks to the Board members for their input this year: Andy Hattrick, Barb Mikulec, Caroline Malm, Dave Carter, Gail Chaddock-Costello, Helene McGall, Karen Kilbride, Sarah Joyce, Sheila Pither and Steve Bailey.   Thanks also to Anders Ourom who advises us on legal matters.

We appreciate the wonderful staff at VanCity Foundation/RR Smith Community fund who write receipts for taxable donations. web: www.vancitycommunityfoundtion.ca click on ‘funds’ at the top, type R.R. Smith in ‘search’ area, click on ‘R.R. Smith Community Fund’, click on ‘give to this fund’ and fill in details.  VanCity promptly sends a tax-deductible receipt for contributions over $20.

Here are some thank you notes, as student programs were greatly affected during the pandemic:


We are so grateful for the R.R. Smith Memorial Fund Foundation for supporting our project. The retired teachers of BC’s and your foundation’s generosity will help make a positive impact on the lives of the Rohingya boys in refugee camps. Thank you so much!

With deep gratitude,

Frances Dhanipersad 

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Tumaini Fund Canada please accept our sincere thank you for you generous donation to help our orphans. Those students now able to attend college will have the opportunity to change their world and those around them! We are once again beyond thrilled for your assistance. We will endeavour to keep you updated on their progress!

Margaret Gregory

I write to thank you, the retired teachers and the RR Smith Foundation for the continuing support you render to Umoja to support the children of Rwentutu village.  I will be sending you photos of the kids as soon as I get them.  They too have been affected by Covid-19 and through this funding they
will be able to find a way forward.  Amos Kambere

On behalf of Families for Children I would like to say thank you to the R. R. Smith Memorial Fund and everyone involved for your generous support and friendship over the years. We have certainly appreciated it, and now more than ever in these difficult times.

Again thank you for considering and approving us for the donation!   

Sandra Simpson

First and foremost, THANK YOU for your grant from the Retired Teachers of BC and the RR Smith Memorial Foundation Fund. This year, we have received 7 Scholarship applications and 5 Educational Award applications. While we would like to help all who apply, we are only able to provide up to 2 Scholarships and up to 5 Educational Awards annually through self-funding. With the generous support of the Retired Teachers of BC and the RR Smith Memorial Foundation, we will be able to increase the number of available awards this year.

Again, thank you very much. 

Kind Regards,
Jen Boyadjian

Wonderful! Thank you, to the RR SMITH FUND for offering this opportunity for vocational training to the young women of Taiama! The school year begins in October so we will have names and programs for four recipients identified by then.

Warm regards,
Maureen Mark

Thanks for your email.

This is fantastic news! I am very grateful to the retired teachers of BC for your support for girls’ education. 


Raju Agarwal
Executive Director, OneProsper International

We at KIDS appreciate your support which has enabled us to provide bicycles and needed school supplies for children in Cambodia so they can get to school and to learn. We greatly admire and respect the work your foundation does to help so many children and break the cycle of poverty.   warmly, Adrianne Dartnall and Rick Lennert. co-founders Kids International Development Society

The Canadian Harambee Education Society (CHES) appreciates the generous grant forwarded to us by the R R Smith Foundation.  This grant will be used to provide start-up kits for the new Form 1 Students in Kenya that will be starting school in July 2021. 

Sincerely, Joy Ruffeski Executive Director


Thank you so much for this contribution to the Nashipay Maasai School.  What a boost this will give to the children and their families. I assure you we will be able to share photos and a written report in the coming months.


Colleen Hanley
Consultant, Facilitator, Interculturalist

On behalf of Bright Beginnings Foundation, I would like to say thank you to R R Smith Memorial Fund Foundation for the generous gift. We will send a report and photos shortly. 

Tammy Neuman

Thank you for this very good news! It is a much appreciated donation. This money will go directly to fund education opportunities to approximately 1200 students for 1 year.  This includes basic student supplies to some of the poorest children in rural Siem Reap province, Cambodia and offers then the opportunity to attend school.  KIDS will send photos on the distribution of the school supplies to the children. 

Robyn Kemp


With R. R. Smith Foundation’s help, we have been able to get key school supplies for our experiential education programs, such as Biodiversity of the Salish Sea program.  Deeply grateful, 

Graham Starsage
Gibsons Marine Education Centre


Our Toonie does amazing work!

With deep appreciation to each of you,

the Board of R R Smith