RR Smith Grants for 2021

By September 4, 2021Reports and Updates

This year the R.R. Smith Board of Directors approved over $35,000 in grants to the following organizations.  Every cent of R.R. Smith Memorial Fund fees collected were spent funding these educational projects.  To learn more about R. R. Smith go to www.rrsmith.ca.


  1. DEDICATED ACTION FOR SCHOOL HEALTH – for B.C. youth to teach their peers about risks of vaping and nicotine addiction.


  1. ARMENIAN CULTURAL ASSOCIATION OF B.C.  – To provide financial assistance to B.C students to pursue higher education.


  1. ONE PROSPER INTERNATIONAL – To provide bicycles and school supplies to girls in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, India to enable them to attend school.


  1. STEP:  IMAGINE SCHOOL -To purchase books and teaching aids for 100 pre-school to grade three students in Odisha, India.


  1. TUMAINI FUND CANADA – To fund 16 HIV/AIDS orphan students to attend a two year college in Tanzania, Africa.


  1. CANADIAN HARAMBEE EDUCATION SOCIETY – To provide school supplies, uniforms and to each five required face masks in school colours to high school girls in Kenya and Tanzania.


  1. DAYS FOR GIRLS CANADA – To purchase materials needed to provide reusable personal hygiene kits to girls in various countries in order for them to attend school.


  1. KENYA EDUCATION ENDOWMENT FUND – To provide support for two students currently sponsored by R. R. Smith to continue to grade 10 at Lubino Secondary School in Kenya.


  1. DECODA LITERACY FOUNDATION – To provide materials for the community based literacy programs.


  1. AFRICAN CONTINUING EDUCATION SOCIETY (ACCES) – To provide post-secondary scholarships to gifted and impoverished youth in Kakamega, Kenya, enabling them to pursue a degree or diploma course.


  1. GIBSONS MARINE EDUCATION SOCIETY – To provide materials for their marine programs in Sechelt to help learners transition through awareness to knowing to caring to action.


  1. BETTY HUFF THEATRE COMPANY –  To purchase supplies for the theatre program.


  1. CO-DEVELOPMENT CANADA  –  To contribute funds to the project with the Columbian Teachers’ Federation to build peace education in Columbia.


  1. CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY ALLIANCE IN CANADA  – To fund the drop-in program teaching English to up to 18 year old Rohingya boys living in refugee camps.


  1. UMOJA OPERATION COMPASSION SOCIETY  – To support grade 6 and 7 students and to equip the library with science and geography books.


  1. FOR THE LOVE OF AFRICA  –  To supply more  books for students due to the doubling of the student population living in the nearby Maasai village.


  1. LOVE GUATAMALA – To provide students materials to assist in their on-line learning due to COVID 19.


  1. CANADIAN WOMEN FOR WOMEN IN AFGHANISTAN  – To support female education through small grants to students to cover their post secondary educational expenses.


  1. CHECK YOUR HEAD -YOUTH GLOBAL EDUCATION NETWORK  To purchase materials needed to help the Democracy Support workshops.


  1. BRIGHT BEGINNINGS  – To provide part of the post secondary tuition needed to fund promising students in Surrey, B.C.


  1. FAMILIES FOR CHILDREN, DHAKA  – To  provide educational support to 75 children in Dhaka while school is not in session due to COVID 19.


  1. KIDS INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY –  To fund basic school supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks etc.) to two schools in Cambodia.


  1. VICTORIA TAIAMA PARTNERSHIP SOCIETY  – To provide scholarships to young women in Sierra Leone to enable them to attend post secondary educational institutions.