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President’s Report 2017

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R.R. Smith Year End Report

The 2016/17 year has been rewarding and productive. 15 grants totalling $21,000 were made to educational projects in B.C and around the world. These grants were reported in the Postscript and the R.R. Smith Newsletter. The R.R. Smith Newsletter is published several times a year and is sent to members via email. The Newsletter is also on the R.R. Smith website, If you have not received it, then the B.C.R.T.A. does not have your current email address. Please contact Laurie at or 604-871-2260 and give her your current email address.

A number of changes have been made by the R.R. Smith Board of Directors to increase revenues leading to better support for educational projects in B.C. and around the world.

The first change happened at the 2016 AGM when the splitting of the B.C.R.T.A. fee was approved and R.R. Smith now receives $2.00 per member, annually.

The second change was to move the R.R. Smith Endowment fund into VanCity Community Foundation creating the R.R. Smith Community Fund resulting in an increase in revenue. Through this fund, members can now make tax receipted donations to R.R. Smith that can be designated to a particular charitable organization. All of the 2017 grants were successfully directed through the VanCity Community Foundation account. This system has been tested and it works. To make a donation go to , click on “Funds” at the top of the page, type R.R. Smith in the “search” area, click on “R.R. Smith Community Fund”, click on “Give to this Fund”, and fill in the details required. A tax receipt will be issued for donations over $20. If you wish to designate the funds fill in the organization in the “Leave a comment” section.

A third change is to introduce advertising in the R.R. Smith Newsletter. Members with businesses and businesses that provide services to our members are able to make a tax receipted donation for a space in the Newsletter.

  • Business card size for a donation of between $65 and $104;
  • 1/4 page (Horizontal or Vertical) for a donation of between $105 and $174;
  • 1/2 page (Horizontal or Vertical) for a donation of between $175 and $334;
  • Full page for a donation of $335 or more.

This is a unique opportunity for members to promote their businesses to over 7500 colleagues. Revenue generated from this initiative will further increase the support our members give to education.

R.R. Smith’s affiliation with Enjoy Tours continues to benefited many members. Members and companion(s) have an opportunity to enjoy fully escorted day tours, short trips or longer vacations from the Enjoy Tours catalogue . This Fall, R.R. Smith is offering to members living in Surrey three more day tours in addition to those listed in the catalogue. There will be one pick-up and drop-off in Surrey. In 2018, this opportunity will be expanded to other communities. Enjoy Tours donates to R.R. Smith when B.C.R.T.A. / R.R. Smith members book a trip.

A new initiative this year has opened up educational opportunities for R.R. Smith members as well. R.R. Smith has partnered with Linda Fawcus, the CEO of Gluu Technology, to achieve a goal of give older adults the tools and knowledge needed to use technology to enhance their life. Langley Retired Teachers’ Association has successfully piloted iPad/iPhone workshops for members. Now that Langley has developed a plan that works, other RTA’s are looking at similar services to their members in the Fall. Delegates to the 2017 B.C.R.T.A. AGM will have an opportunity to hear Linda speak.

R.R. Smith has worked with our lawyer, Anders I. Ourom, to reconfigure our constitution and by-laws to comply with the New Societies Act. Notice of Special Resolution is being given to members that changes are being made to our Constitution and By-Laws. These changes will be debated and voted on at R.R. Smith’s AGM at 9:00 on September 23, 2017 at Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel. The proposed Constitution and By-Laws will be on the R.R. Smith website.

On behalf of the R.R. Smith Board of Directors, I would like to thank Office Administrator, Kristi Josephson and Laurie Boyd for all the work they do for R.R. Smith. I would also like to thank Anders I. Ourom for his legal advice and the work he does for our organization each year. Another “Thank you” must be extended to Dan Carter who is a retired CGA and who prepares the R.R. Smith financial report. Working with Troy Opper of Enjoy Tours, Lisa Hansen of Johnsons and Linda Fawcus of Gluu Technology expands opportunities for our members and supports our goal to provide funding for educational projects in B.C. and around the world.

Lastly and most importantly, I wish to thank the R.R. Smith Board of Directors for their help to make R.R. Smith a success. Bev Anderson, Vice-President; Andy Hattrick, Secretary; Dave Carter, Treasurer; Sheila Pither, Member-at-large; Steve Bailey, Member-at-large; and Elaine Anderson, Member-at-large are dedicated to the work that R.R. Smith does.

Respectfully Submitted by
Judy de Vries, President,
R.R. Smith Memorial Fund Foundation